Rubicon: A Fantasy Short Story Collection

Genre: Fantasy | Series: N/A | Length: Collection (3 Short Stories)

Rubicon fantasy short story collection coverA high-priced thief who can’t turn down a challenge. A cocky, young mage whose power has caught the attention of the local Mage-Lord. A royal scribe who stands on the brink of an imperial invasion.

Three people whose fates hang in the balance at a point of no return…

This fantasy short story collection includes three stand-alone adventures by the author of the World of Lasniniar series, Jacquelyn Smith:

The God’s Eye (Overall winner of the Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest, 2011)
The Unclean (Winning entry of the Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest, 2010)
Wayward Scribe

The God’s Eye:

Raena never could turn down a challenge.

Tales of her exploits travel across the land in soft whispers. The finest thief in Midnight Reach.

Only the most intriguing (and high-paying) jobs appeal to her. The more challenging, the better. She holds herself above those of her kind who might do any dirty job for a bit of coin.

No risk, no reward, after all…

A stand-alone fantasy story and overall winner of the Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest (2011).

The Unclean:

An appointment with the Mage-Lord.

Jared can sense the fulfillment of his destiny approaching as he rushes through the cobbled streets with his blue mage robes flapping behind him. The kingdom of Galdavia prizes the mage gift above all others.

And Jared takes pride in his abilities. He knows he belongs at the Mage-Lord’s side.

Nothing can come between him and his rightful place.

A stand-alone dark fantasy story and winning entry of the Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest (2010).

Wayward Scribe:

An invading empire. A fallen kingdom. I watch from the shadows at our usurper’s side as history repeats itself.

In a game of power and thrones, only a nameless, royal scribe stands to make the difference between the kingdom’s uprising or complete submission. Death lies on both sides of the knife’s edge.

And in this game, only the victor can claim to know hero from traitor.

A twisting, stand-alone fantasy story by the award-winning author of the World of Lasniniar series, Jacquelyn Smith.

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